Ashburn Xtreme tryouts for the 2022-23 season have been announced. Tryouts will begin on Saturday April 23rd.
We listened.
Tryouts are starting much earlier this season in order to accommodate the growing interest in our club. We don’t want anyone feeling like they need to find a new option because you might not get on a travel team for the next season if you wait for Xtreme tryouts, which are traditionally held in June of each year. We are starting as early as possible under PVAHA rules in 2022 and look forward to giving everyone, current and new, the best opportunity to play XTREME!
The Xtreme has been one of the most successful youth hockey organizations under USA Hockey since 2002. Our track record of success is second to none on the East Coast.
At the Xtreme, we…
🏒 Always have FUN!
🏒 Develop Players/Coaches
🏒 Advance Players/Coaches
🏒 Compete with the best clubs in USA Hockey
🏒 Are well established and recognized locally, Regionally and Nationally.
Tryouts are competitive. Are you up to the challenge? Look forward to seeing everyone on April 23rd.
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